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Corporate Investigative Services

Corporate Investigation Firm

Justice Solutions Group provides thorough investigations customized to get the results that matter. Our clients include large and small corporations around the country who want to minimize risks and ensure they have all pertinent data to make sound business decisions.

JSG investigators understand the value of confidential and discreet investigations in the corporate world. Our expertise meets the highest ethical standards while uncovering valuable information quickly.

Corporate Services

Each clients’ needs are unique, and we strive to create a customized experience to meet those needs effectively and efficiently. Our corporate services department handles numerous investigative activities, including:

  • Due Diligence Investigations
  • Loss Prevention (Internal and External Theft)
  • Fraud and Abuse Investigation and Prevention
  • AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) Checks
  • Tarriff Avoidance, Bidding and Competitive Fraud
  • Litigation Support Services and Investigations
  • Executive, Investor, and Employee Screening
  • Surveillance
  • Technical Surveillance Countermeasures (TSCM)
  • In-depth Asset Searches
  • Claims Investigations
  • Customized Information Gathering (Competitive Research)

Justice Solutions Group relies on a blend of human intelligence investigation methods, technology, and data collection from proprietary resources. We are the best at what we do. Call us today to speak with an agent regarding your case.

Outsourcing Corporate Investigations

When the need arises to investigate an internal issue, outsourcing the investigation is crucial. A highly-trained and professional investigator will take the information you can provide and conduct an unbiased investigation. An outsourced investigation will provide a higher standard of proof and can be handled discreetly.

JSG handles the investigation leaving you free to focus on the tasks of running your business. Threats arise from both inside and outside the company, and an outsourced investigation reduces the risks for the corporation.

Our team handles internal investigation matters such as:

  • Employee Misconduct – allegations of harassment, bullying, intimidation, substance abuse, theft, and insubordination require an impartial investigation.
  • Time Theft – Employee time theft occurs in a myriad of situations, from overuse of social media on company time to employees working outside the office who are reporting hours that they do not work. JSG has numerous resources to investigate or prevent time theft and can do a thorough evaluation of the potential risk faced by your corporation.
  • Non-compete Agreement Enforcement – Non-compete agreements are becoming more common across all industries. If you are concerned that an employee or former employee has violated their non-compete and might be using intellectual property belonging to the corporation to build their own company, JSG can help.
  • Abuse of Leave – The Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) can be abused when employees do not use the leave for its intended purpose. FMLA abuse costs can be high, both in money spent and in productivity lost as others have to take up the slack for those on FMLA.
  • Asset Misuse – Asset misuse can take many forms. Do you have employees or executives using company funds for personal expenses? Do you suspect that someone in your corporation is accepting money or other gratuities from clients in exchange for preferential treatment? Are company resources being used for the personal benefit of employees? A private investigator specializing in corporate affairs can help answer those questions and provide you the proof you need to take action.

Fraud, corruption, and wrongdoing can impact any corporation. Acting quickly when wrongdoing is suspected can mitigate the potential damage of such actions. JSG can move quickly to investigate any suspected problems and provide a comprehensive report of our findings which can be used to support any action taken by the corporation.

Corporate Investigation Types

Third-Party Protection

There are always risks associated with third-party relationships. Whether it is vendor integrity or environmental violations, third-party relationships pose ethical, legal, and financial risks along with the damage bad publicity can do to a corporation.

The Foreign Corrupt Practices Act of the U.S. Department of Justice holds that a corporation can be as responsible as a third party for its actions. Our skilled team of investigators will conduct investigations aimed at protecting your interest from bad actors, including a full investigation of any third-party vendors or contractors. JSG goes beyond the surface information available online. Our team puts boots on the ground to conduct site visits when necessary and utilizes industry contacts to do an in-depth assessment of the third party’s reputation.

Internal Theft, Fraud and Abuse

Internal Theft, Fraud and Abuse is an unfortunate, but growing trend.

Justice Solutions Group is ready to help businesses of any size grow and succeed by providing a comprehensive set of solutions tailored to fit their needs. While most businesses have one or more attorney firms for legal advice and representation, we can provide professional investigations for much of the legal leg-work involved in pre-litigation or pre-termination actions relating to theft, fraud, and abuse.

Our investigators can work with your in-house corporate counsel or external counsel to identify and document various forms of theft, fraud and abuse and help to provide a resolution roadmap that can help to eliminate the negative affects that it is having on your business.

Justice prides itself on being a veteran-owned small business that understands the needs of other businesses.

Background Checks

Some of the most common reasons we are contacted for thorough background checks in the business sector are:

  • New Vendor Relationship
  • Prospective Employment / New Hires*
  • C-Suite Vetting and Board Member Vetting

*All of our employment background check procedures meet state and federal background check requirements, including compliance the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and we ensure that all measures are taken to ensure their privacy is protected.

Learn more our background check methodology

Due Diligence and Asset Searches

Whether researching another company’s business and assets during or in anticipation of a merger/acquisition, or even identifying assets in pre-litigation or post litigation circumstances, Justice Solutions Group can assist your business with identifying assets of another firm, or the assets of debtors to your company.

Learn about our Asset Investigations strategies

Service of Process and Locates

Justice Solutions Group can provide service of process for subpoenas, restraining orders and notices of litigation. Where other process server companies may fall short, we pride ourselves in difficult services and take the extra time needed to research and locate the person(s) we need to serve.

You may also need to simply locate a former employee, colleague or business partner to resolve a legal matter or compliance matter with the state. In those cases, Justice provides location services, even if time and distance has made it difficult to get in contact with them.

Learn more about our process services
Learn more about locating a former employee or partner

AOE/COE Claims Investigation, EEO Claims, Personal Injury Claims, Workplace Safety and Liability Prevention Programs

As professional civil litigation investigators and former managers of workplace public safety, security, and liability prevention programs for high-profile properties (major Southern California malls and other commercial properties), Justice can help assist you. Whether it be managing an EEO claim, a workplace injury claim, or a personal injury claim at your business, we are ready to help.

In a time where every EEO employee claim or AOE/COE injury claim could lead to major litigation requiring attorney fees and settlements by your insurance carrier, it’s vital that your business has someone to call when such situations arises. A comprehensive workplace safety program to identify possible areas of risk for your business, and educate your employees and vendors about workplace safety, could prove valuable when claims arise. Also, as workplace violence unfortunately becomes more and more common, Justice Solutions Group can also assist you with creating a comprehensive early-warning program and safety plan to prevent and mitigate violence in the workplace.

If you are facing a claim of personal injury at your company, do not wait! Call us immediately so that we can take necessary steps to investigate the claim and ensure that your company is protected from the start.


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