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Our Difference

The cornerstone of any enduring relationship is trust. Trust is best built on verified information. With those key things in mind, background checks can provide peace of mind in an uncertain world.

There are many websites that offer "background checks", where they state that any and all information about a person is available. Unfortunately, this is false, as many fly-by-night private investigators and database companies only skim the surface of a subject's personal history. Often times, unless a skilled investigator personally combs through the information, things such as criminal convictions, civil judgments and other important items are automatically removed because there is a minor conflict with a date of birth, alternative spelling of a last name, etc. Also, licensed private investigators have access to additional databases and understand that a true background check involves digging deeper to sometimes uncover something that a subject has tried very hard to cover up.

Some of the most common reasons we are contacted for thorough background checks are:

  • New Personal Relationship or Pending Business Relationship
  • A Family Member's New Romantic Interest
  • Prospective Employment / New Hires*
  • Nannies / Daycare Providers and Residential Staff
  • Elder Care Providers

Our Methodology

Our premium background checks include utilizing a variety of methods to ensure that we get the truth about a subject, as well as the truth about their business, and their associates.

*Based on how deep a client wants to go, our background investigators can obtain the following information from proprietary database access, court records, publicly available information and more.

  • Federal, State and Local Criminal Records and Convictions
  • Restraining Orders / Protective Orders
  • Civil Lawsuits
  • Marriage Certificates and Records of Birth
  • Leins, Bankruptcies and Judgements
  • Sex Offender Registries
  • Credit*
  • Previous Employment History
  • Property Titles
  • And Much More

*Please note that all states vary in a private investigators ability to obtain certain information. Some things are not available based on that states particular regulations.
*All information for pre-employment or current employees must be accompanied by an authorization by the employee to have their background reviewed, that they understands their rights of the Fair Credit Reporting Act, and allow a copy of the report to be provided to the employee.
*Credit reports are only available to those who have had the person being investigated sign and acknowledge that they are allowing their credit to be obtained.

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