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Background Checks – Deep Dive Searches on People and Companies

Background Checks Overview

The cornerstone of any enduring relationship is trust. At Justice Solutions Group, we know trust is best built on verified information. Background checks are crucial for due diligence in all types of relationships, whether personal or transactional.

The need for a deep-dive background search can arise for many reasons. It may be helpful to verify an individual's credentials in a personal relationship or business relationship setting. Similarly, you may want to verify the information of a company’s claims within the context of a new venture or engagement, or possibly a pre-litigation situation, where assets are concerned. You can be assured that our background checks are thorough, complete, and as up-to-date as possible.

Our Methodology

Our premium background checks utilize various methods to ensure that we provide all relevant information to provide our clients with a comprehensive background check that can withstand scrutiny by the courts or a Board of Directors.

The client determines the depth of the background check, and we customize a package based on each client’s specific needs. We use proprietary database access, court records, docket information, publicly available information, or we can go deeper. Before your background check is complete, it will be reviewed by a trained investigator to look for missing or suspicious activity.

We comply with the state and federal regulations for each jurisdiction, assuring that the information you receive is actionable.

Due Diligence on Individuals & Businesses

Background checks are the accepted standard in due diligence investigations. Our team members combine a comprehensive search of public records, using proprietary technology, with human experience and intelligence. Unlike many background check providers, we do not rely on AI-driven software to provide the report.

Line by line, we meticulously review each public record report to ensure that simple mistakes in spelling, dates, or deliberate attempts to disguise information are not preventing you from getting the report you need to mitigate risk or make an informed decision.

Due Diligence on Individuals

At Justice Solutions Group, we know that reputation matters. When entering into negotiations, agreements, or relationships with another person, the responsible course of action is a thorough vetting of their character and background. Our experts customize each background search, giving you confidence that you will have the insight you deserve to make a well-informed decision. A personal background check can include:

  • Financial verification, including an assessment of the person’s overall financial reputation based on bankruptcies, civil court filings, and identification of assets
  • Verification of qualifications including the history of education, licensing, and employment
  • An overall assessment of the individual’s reputation based on criminal records, identification of issues with character or integrity, social media network sites, business networking, and other media

There is a wealth of information available with more databases than ever to search. We have devised a comprehensive system to give you a comprehensive view of a person’s past.

Due Diligence on Businesses

Whether you need a one-time comprehensive background report to give you a snapshot of a business or need a business intelligence-gathering solution, we can customize a plan to promptly provide the data you need. Critical business decisions often need to happen fast, and we strive to deliver actionable information in a timely fashion.

Corporate due diligence help mitigate risks and ensure compliance with financial and legal requirements. Our broad approach ensures you have a comprehensive overview of the full scope of potential threats to your business interest.

International Background Checks

As technology has increased, an ever-increasing number of businesses have a global footprint. In doing business worldwide, you need an investigation agency capable of providing the information you need from any corner of the world.

From security concerns to international employment, we can provide the data you need for informed decision-making. We deliver international background checks that include:

  • Criminal activity
  • Sanctions
  • Litigation
  • Watchlist and other concerning information
  • Foreign intelligence (can take a bit longer to gather, depending on the type of information needed)

Investor Due Diligence

Before investing in a start-up or an existing business, pre-investment due diligence is prudent. At Justice Solutions Group, we have a variety of packages available. We can customize our search to ensure you get the information you need to help guide your investment decisions.

Our private investigators can also take the time to explain any potential red flags found in the investigation, helping you understand the potential risk. We can perform a reputational review on people or businesses, and you can tailor the scope of the investigation.

Legal – Due Diligence for Your Clients

We routinely work with corporate law firms offering assistance in thorough due diligence investigations and asset verification for the firm’s clients. When you contact us for a potential investigation, you can consult with the investigator who will work with you throughout the investigation. The investigator will be available for consults, questions, and updates anytime it is applicable to an ongoing investigation. We pride ourselves on our ongoing relationships with various large law firms. Once you trust us with your background checks for legal purposes, we have complete confidence that our skill and professionalism will earn your repeat business.

Unlike other investigation firms, Justice Solutions Group is about more than database checking. Our experienced team of investigators scours official public records across the country to mitigate risk, locate assets, and otherwise assist in ongoing corporate legal matters. Each report is thoroughly reviewed, and any missing or erroneous information is flagged and investigated further.

Background checks are often necessary for probate, real estate investment, family law, and civil litigation. We work with attorneys all over the country, providing in-depth investigation, research, and analysis to provide the information they need throughout a case.

We also provide services to in-house counsel, providing background information to procure corporations’ information to make wise growth decisions on factual and accurate data.

We understand the extraordinarily high level of scrutiny that all forms of due diligence must withstand in the legal sector. You can rest assured that we surpass those standards.


Law Offices & Corporate Clients:

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Flat Rate Pricing

Pricing that is per-search, per-subject. The majority of our background checks fit into one of our flat rate packages.

Multi-Subject / Complex Backgrounds Requiring Due Diligence

We sometimes receive requests for asset searches that go outside our package or flat rate pricing. These requests may require us to conduct investigations into multiple subjects or foreign countries, and conduct surveillance to gain specific intelligence, or other special intelligence solutions. Please contact us so that we can discuss the case in detail and put together a comprehensive solution.

No-Obligation Consultation

Consultations and quotes are confidential, and there is never an obligation to engage us. We’ll answer any and all questions related to your background check request and are happy to provide as much information based on our experience that may help you, whether you engage us or not.

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