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Venture Capital and Investment Banking Investigations

Investment Due Diligence

Investment bankers and venture capital firms rely on Justice Solutions Group’s experienced investigators to verify the legitimacy of investment opportunities. Our group of experts are trained in meeting various regulatory compliance requirements in each investigation. Venture capitalists rely on due diligence as a powerful risk mitigation tool, and JSG delivers thorough investigations to meet that need.

Risk Mitigation for Venture Capital and Investment Firms

By its nature, venture capitalists are in the business of taking risks on small, often unestablished companies without a long business history. A thorough due diligence investigation requires thinking outside the box to provide as much background information as possible. Conducting a thorough investigation on the founders of a startup can reveal valuable data for investors.

We craft a unique investigative plan to address the specific concerns of our clients. Background checks can help an investment or venture capital firm:

  • Verify the expertise of the talent in a startup
  • Provide comprehensive employment and educational history
  • Disclose a complete criminal history of each player
  • Provide an assessment of the online reputation of both the company and its principals

Though JSG utilizes sophisticated data collection tools, we go beyond what can be found on the internet. Our investigative team takes a hands-on approach that provides more detailed information than you can get from an internet-based background check.

How Justice Solutions Group is Different from Other Private Investigation Firms

JSG has a special investigations unit (SIU) that can operate globally utilizing a network of contacts, skills, experience, and proprietary data resources. Our investigators understand and comply with regulations for investigating parties involved in capital raises, boards of directors, IPO’s and more. We are knowledgeable about and fully compliant with the U.S. Patriot Act, the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) rules and regulations, and those of other regulatory agencies.

Our clients depend on the information we provide to take substantial financial risks, and we take that responsibility seriously. With JSG, we go above the industry minimum for due diligence investigations. We provide a full range of applicable services to serve our investment and venture capital clients, including:

  • Social media reporting
  • Due diligence investigations
  • International due diligence
  • Property and asset searches
  • Criminal records searches
  • Online reputation assessment
  • Direct source inquiries

The Investment

We offer transparent pricing so that you know what you are getting, and there are no surprise charges. You choose the package and service that suits the needs of the case.

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