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Surveillance (Sub Rosa)

Surveillance (Sub Rosa)

Our covert surveillance teams separate the amateurs from the professionals.

In the world of investigations, the difference between a good investigator and a great investigator is often measured by their ability to conduct true, covert surveillance without being compromised. In the business, we call this “getting burned”. Not getting burned is the mark of someone who truly understands the craft of surveillance. Covert surveillance is an art just like any other.

Positioning, equipment, intelligence, and undetected movement all fold into a successful surveillance or stakeout. However, the craft of surveillance is far from the TV show example of simply sitting in the back of a van with a camera across the street, it’s much more than that.

True practitioners must know how to first obtain intelligence on their subject, then wait patiently for the opportunity. They must get on foot when needed, utilize different technology at every angle, and blend into their surroundings in any environment. Justice Solutions Group agents are some of the best in the business when it comes to the tradecraft of surveillance, and our agents are dedicated to the practice. From years of undercover law enforcement and covert military experience, our agents have years of experience and technical equipment and expertise needed to get the photo and video evidence needed in any situation.

Some of the ways surveillance agents and evidence can be used are:

Some real-case examples of our surveillance achievements at Justice Solutions Group:

A Night Out in Los Angeles

Justice Solutions Group investigators were retained in a high-profile divorce case where one of the parties was accused of infidelity, but vehemently denied it in deposition. Evidence was obtained late at night of the subject exiting their residence and accompanying someone to a club in Los Angeles. They were covertly videotaped in conduct that identified clearly that the subject snd their guest were more than “just friends”. This resulted in a favorable outcome for the client.

Orange County Family Court Order: No Alcohol

Justice solutions group was contacted by a concerned parent in Orange County, as they had suspicion that their spouse was drinking while they were in custody of their children. Over the course of several months, JSG agents obtained surveillance video of the subject drinking at a bowling alley while they had custody of their children. Our investigators accurately measured the amount of drinks per hour and combined all of the evidence in a report that was submitted to the court and which resulted in a positive outcome for our client.

It “Fell off the truck” – Who’s going to notice?

A Fortune 100 company retained Justice Solutions Group to begin investigating possible internal and external theft of their product by independent delivery drivers. Through covert surveillance over the course of several weeks our agents obtained clear evidence of the drivers stealing company product and re-distributing it through their own sales channels. This resulted in the company saving tens of thousands of dollars by exposing the theft, and filing for civil damages in court.

Equipment We Use For Surveillance Success:

Large Format Cameras And Video

We use large format long range lenses and night vision video to capture the action from a distance.

Hidden Cameras and Static Cameras

We have many options for hidden cameras and remote cameras that allow us to get on foot and close to our subject.

We Blend In Anywhere

Whether it is a night in the club or out on the golf course, we have a disquise for every occasion, and a plan for every scenario

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