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For JSG, It’s all about experience and reputation.

Co-Founders Tyler James (US Navy Veteran), and Josh Chandler (Retired Federal Officer, and former Security Director of The Grove, LA)

Justice Solutions Group is able to provide an investigative support role of being able to conduct private investigations anywhere in California or around the world.

We only use a carefully curated cadre of former law enforcement officers, military operators and risk management expert as part of our investigations team. Taken collectively, our staff has over 100 years of family law, corporate, civil and criminal investigations including high level digital computer forensics, expert testimony, and much more. From expert surveillance capabilities to asset tracing investigations, due diligence operations and much more, Justice is ready to help you or your company when it matters the most.

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What type of investigations do we conduct?

Regardless of your situation, whether it be a business, civil or criminal matter, we want to be known as the investigations team that you can trust to provide clear, accurate results.

Child Custody Investigations and Family Law

Cohabitation and Child Support

Child Custody Investigations

If you are having to manage a very difficult child custody situation or investigate a cohabitation or child support matter in Santa Barbara county or elsewhere, please schedule a consultation with us, because we can help. Child custody, human trafficking and all other family law matters are very important to our firm, and we want to help you get the truth.

Often in a child custody investigation, we are able to uncover missing criminal and civil charges, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, dangerous situations and more, that will help establish your case in family court in response to the child custody investigation in Santa Barbara.

Sometimes, there is no other way to conduct a child custody investigation other than surveillance. However, sometimes there are other legal investigative options that will help you in court, that you may not be aware of. Please call us to discuss your case and we’ll be happy to give you examples of potential strategies that may help you in court. > Learn More About Child Custody Here

If a parent or custodian is in violation of a court order, we may be able to collect evidence of that violation and provide your with video or photo evidence from surveillance that will help in family law court. > Learn More About Cohabitation Investigations

Background Check or Locate Anyone

Locate The Truth - Find Missing People

If you need a background check on an individual or a company, we have the proprietary background check database access and other high-level external sources that can find out nearly anything about anyone.

Have you met someone online and need to verify their identity and check to see if they have any criminal records? That’s what we can do, along with provide our opinion based on having conducted thousands of background checks and personal investigations.

When you need to find out the truth about someone, or are doing your due diligence for a business deal or investment, don’t put the future in jeopardy by using a cheap online “background check” service. Take it from us, the data is old, out of date, and often innacurate. If you need to locate a debtor, defendant, witness or former partner, can do that too. > Learn More About Background Checks or Locating Anyone

Assets, Fraud, and Embezzlement Investigations

Bank Account Searches and Hidden Assets

Have you recently been asked to invest in a business or real estate deal from a friend, business partner or even a family member? There’s no reason to take chances when the truth is only a phone call away.

Whether you have already made a deal, or need to investigate an ongoing transaction, asset trace, or ongoing custody matter involving potential financial fraud, our licensed private investigators will be able to assist in nearly every situation.

Do you need to locate a private or hidden bank account, trace a business bank account or find other hidden assets such as IRA’s, credit cards, trade lines or off-shore funds? We have the professional and legal resources that can identify hidden bank accounts and assets. Every case is unique, so call us today for a free consultation, and we can help you determine the proper course of action whether you are recovering a judgment and are looking for a bank account to satisfy the judgment or wanting to know the likelihood of available funds as well as real estate, businesses and more. Call us today for a free consultation.

Surveillance and Infidelity Investigations

Santa Barbara surveillance experts - Business, Sub Rosa, or Infidelity

All of our surveillance operators are former police officers and police detectives who have worked undercover, as well as special operators in the US Military. The reason why we exclusively use these types of investigators is that we can rely on them to execute at a very high level and provide surveillance video or photo intelligence that otherwise wouldn’t be able to be obtained by average investigators.

The video and photo equipment that we use for our surveillances is extremely high-tech and we have several cameras and other pieces of equipment that are able to capture intelligence from extremely long ranges, in the dark with night vision, underwater and in intense weather. We also utilize drones and specialized covert hidden cameras for surveillance that provide an extra edge.

Surveillance is needed for all kinds of situations, from a business due diligence, to a sub rosa investigation regarding an insurance case, to an infidelity situation where a boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse or partner may be cheating. In any scenario, Justice can help uncover the truth.

Justice can also handle many other types of private investigations in Santa Barbara and Oxnard including:

Veteran Owned and Operated

We are proud of the fact that our firm is owned and operated by Tyler and Josh, a US Navy veteran and former federal law enforcement officer with the Department of Defense. Santa Barbara and Oxnard, like many military towns in California, are often full of veterans and their families that it is our honor to serve.

Rated Five Stars by Our Clients

We pride ourselves, truly, as being one of the top investigations companies and one of the top rated firms on Yelp, Google and other review sites.

Whether you need a background check in Los Angeles or a Surveillance in Santa Barbara, our firm and dedicated agents are ready to help.

“I work as a paralegal for a general liability defense firm and often require the assistance of a private investigator….from witness statements to tracking down parties and evidence, Justice Solutions Group has always delivered thorough and quality jobs, even on a rush basis. ”
Susan C.

What areas within Southern California do we conduct investigations?

Our investigators are able to cover any area of Santa Barbara, Ventura County, San Louis Obispo County, Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and throughout California. Through our national partnerships with other investigators and legal offices, we can provide investigations anywhere in the US as well as around the world, especially when it comes to asset tracing and due diligence of business.

Offices in LA, Orange County, Santa Barbara and Oxnard

We have office spaces available in multiple locations throughout Southern California so that we can meet with clients.

*Please note that all in-person consultations are by appointment only.* Please call us at (800) 278-9329 for a free consultation.

Ready to speak with an Investigator about your case?

We offer free consultations on any matter. Please use our contact form or call us to discuss your case.