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If you are finding yourself in need of a private investigator, it is important to choose a PI firm with the knowledge and experience necessary to get you the information you need.

While there are many private investigator Carlsbad, CA firms, there is only one firm with a proven track record you can trust—Justice Solutions Group. Justice Solutions Group is the premier private investigator Carlsbad firm.

Justice Solutions Group - Private Investigator, Carlsbad


Justice Solutions Group provides its clients with top-notch services, including the following:

  • Background checks
  • Private Investigation
  • Asset Investigation
  • Surveillance
  • Corporate Investigations
  • Bug Sweeps

The private investigators at Justice Solutions Group can assist you with any of the above services, as well as work with you on any other investigation needs you may have.

A History of Success

Co-Founders Josh Chandler and Tyler James formed Justice Solutions Group in 2015, and in just three years, they have managed to build the firm up to become one of the highest-rated private investigations agencies in Southern California.

With their combined experience of over two decades in the fields of law enforcement, executive security, intelligence, and investigations, our founders always make sure our clients receive stellar service.

Types of Carlsbad Investigation Cases

There are many different types of cases for which you may benefit from private detective services. We offer free consultations to meet with you and discuss your individual needs.

Child Custody: If you are involved in a child custody battle, the investigators at Justice Solutions Group can gather information through surveillance and other means about the other parent that may provide you with information that is vital to your family law case. In these types of cases, our primary goal is to ensure that your child is in a safe environment. If you have concerns regarding drug or alcohol abuse by the other parent, our team of investigators can work to uncover evidence of these behaviors, which can ultimately be presented as evidence in your child custody case.

Locating a Missing Person: The private investigators at Justice Solutions Group are highly skilled and well-trained in the area of locating missing persons. Whatever your motivation is in locating someone, whether it is to find a long-lost family member, or to locate someone for a business-related reason, our investigators have what it takes to assist.

Infidelity Investigation: If you are worried that your partner may be unfaithful, our skilled private detectives can help you find out the truth. Through the use of surveillance and location tracking, our investigators can help you determine whether your partner is having an affair, and if so, we assist you by providing you with documentation of what we learn during our investigation.

Justice Solutions Group also handles many other types of cases for our clients in Carlsbad, CA. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation so that we can begin serving your investigative needs.

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