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We handle a variety of cases in San Diego and throughout Southern California. We're looking forward to helping you get the information and intelligence you need.

For JSG, It’s all about experience and reputation.

Co-Founders Tyler James - US Navy Veteran and Josh Chandler - Former Federal Law Enforcement Officer

When you need to engage a personal private investigator in San Diego, Justice Solutions Group is one of the highest rated full-service and veteran PI detectives in Southern California. The investigators JSG retains come from a closed network of highly competent retired law enforcement officers, military veterans and federal agents. Our core workforce of supervisory investigators have over one hundred years of combined expertise and are expert consultants within the areas of corporate due diligence, asset investigations, family law, consumer attorney law, defense, evidence retrieval and more. From computer forensics to the toughest field investigations, Justice is on your side.

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What type of investigations do we conduct?

Whether you have a case relating to a business matter or a personal matter, we are the firm with the experienced agents and experts that you can trust. From corporate matters to civil and family law, we are able to assist with virtually any type of case.

Child Custody Investigations and Family Law

Cohabitation - Child Support - Child Custody

Child Custody Investigations

Do you have a child custody matter in San Diego court or a child support situation that requires help from an investigator? You can call us for a free evaluation of your case. Children are a top priority with our firm, and with Justice Solutions Group our experienced child custody investigations staff are ready to help. Whether there is evidence of drugs or drinking in the home, child endangerment or other hazardous situations, we can help.

Our investigators will ensure to discuss with you all of the options depending upon where you are at in your case. If you have a child support matter that needs to be investigated and you believe that there is potential fraud involved, we can help.

Additionally we are able to conduct family law cohabitation and child support investigations in Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, Santa Barbara and the Bay Area. If a parent or custodian is in violation of a court order, we can help obtain that evidence through surveillance or other means.

Bank Account Searches and Hidden Assets

Fraud, Embezzlement, Asset Recovery and Hidden Account Searches

Our office is often contacted about business associates, employees, friends, or even family members that a client has given money or provided a loan to, where the debt has not been repaid or the obligations of the loan have not been met. Sometimes, business owners are surprised to find that a current or former employee or partner has embezzled money from a business or company. Sometimes a bad investment deal has our clients in a situation where we need to find the subjects personal bank accounts and business bank accounts, so that a judgment can be enforced or so that an attorney can begin taking civil action against the other party.

When you have all of the right information to make the best decision possible, that’s when you can feel in control of the situation. Justice Solutions Group has the background check and asset check resources other investigators or online sites don’t. We have the ability to legally find out almost anything about anyone, no matter what the situation is. Our hidden asset searches are highly successful, and we have multiple packages and a-la-carte searches that can be tailored to your case’s specific needs.

If you, a friend or a family member are considering giving someone money for an investment, don’t wait until after you sign the check or promissory note! Make sure to call us first and let us help you do the simple due diligence. We know the warning signs of what to look for, and are experts at investigating fraud and pyramid schemes.

Background Check or Locate Anyone

Private Investigator Background Checks

Our private investigators have been conducting these kinds of investigations for decades, and we pride ourselves on our staff’s ability to conduct thorough background checks on potential business partners and investors, people that have been met on dating sites, or people that have been met in connection with business. These background checks can be key to avoiding potential litigation, fraud, and other complicated civil situations that can cost time, money and stress in your life and business.

Don’t let the future of your business or you personal life be misguided by a cheap “background check” for $19.99 from one of our online competitors. Those are NOT background checks, and the databases they are using are typically months-old or years-old information that is not up to date. Call us today to get a real, professional, private investigator background check that is comprehensive, thorough, and answers the difficult questions you have.

Surveillance and Infidelity Investigations

Private Investigator Surveillance Experts in San Diego

We consider ourselves the best surveillance private investigators in San Diego for two reasons: Training and Experience.

The directors of our special investigations unit that oversees all surveillance operations are all former law enforcement and military operators who have decades of experience in covert surveillance operations. In this business, true masters of the art of surveillance and real experts on the craft of human intelligence are a select group.

Equipment-wise, we use several different types of surveillance cameras, depending upon the assignment. We have long-range camera equipment, night vision cameras that help differentiate subjects in the dark, specially designed remote-control cameras and a number of pieces of gear we don’t want to discuss here, because we can’t give away all of the secrets to how we operate.

Do you think that your husband, wife or partner may be having an affair? We recognize that getting to the truth may require a lot of difficult work on your end, and we want to be able to help with whatever you need so that the truth can be uncovered.

Our investigators have have had decades of experience in covert surveillance. Our investigators will share their experiences with you from your initial consultation through the resolution of the investigation, regardless of what the evidence uncovers. We want to be there for you every step of the way.

Justice Solutions Group provides investigations in San Diego in a number of disciplines:

Veteran Owned and Operated

We’re proud of the fact that Justice Solutions Group is a certified veteran owned investigations firm. As a veteran-focused employer, we are owned and operated by Tyler and Josh, who have both served in the US Navy and the Department of Defense, respectfully.

Rated Five Stars by Our Clients

From North County to downtown, we are proud of our reputation as the private detectives in San Diego that locals trust with both personal and business related cases. We are transparent in our practices and billing, and always operate based off of a client agreement and proper scope of work so that you can trust that the group you are working with as well as a national and global network of investigative and intelligence professionals available 24/7.

When you have need to retain a professional private investigator, we know that the ability to have a team that you can trust makes all the difference. Our clients in Southern California trust us to deliver great results. This is why we are consistently reviewed as one of the top-rated firms on many independent review sites including being one of the
best private investigations firms on Yelp.

We serve all over San Diego including Chula VistaCarlsbad, and more. Contact us today for a free consultation.

“I work as a paralegal for a general liability defense firm and often require the assistance of a private investigator….from witness statements to tracking down parties and evidence, Justice Solutions Group has always delivered thorough and quality jobs, even on a rush basis. ”
Susan C.

What areas within San Diego do we conduct investigations?

Our investigators are able to cover any area of San Diego and also help anyone in Southern California, Northern California, and around the world through our trusted partner network. Results are our number one priority, and our network of trusted investigators also ensures that we can handle your case anywhere in the US, or around the world.

We have Local, Remote Offices in San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles

Most of our engagements are scheduled via phone or secure video conference. We do have offices available in several locations in Southern California to meet with clients when needed.

*Please note that all in-person consultations are by appointment only.* Please call us at (800) 278-9329 for a free consultation.

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Ready to speak with an Investigator about your case?

We offer free consultations on any matter. Please use our contact form or call us to discuss your case.