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Finding the best private investigator Newport Beach, CA firm may seem like a daunting task; however, to find the best firm in the area, you can stop your search with Justice Solutions Group. Justice Solutions Group is widely known as a top-tier private investigations firm that has a proven track record for success.

With experience handling many different types of investigations—ranging from corporate asset investigation to investigation into instances of infidelity—and everything in between, the investigators at Justice Solutions Group have seen it all. Our private investigator Newport Beach area firm has the experience and ability necessary to assist you in nearly any type of investigation you could ever need.

Newport Beach Private Investigations Firm - Justice Solutions Group

Justice Solutions Group was founded back in 2015 by Tyler James and Josh Chandler. Since this time, our firm has grown rapidly, and is now considered a top-tier PI firm in the Newport Beach area. Justice Solutions Group employs a talented group of private detectives that come from a wide range of backgrounds, including former members of high-profile agencies in the United States and law enforcement officials.

Due to the nature of their employment and the services we provide, we keep the identities of those that do investigative work for our firm confidential to the public. As our client, you will benefit from the wide range of experience and skills that our investigators bring to the table. Our firm provides our clients with a number of different services, depending on the nature of the investigation and the individual needs of our clients.

Justice Solutions Group has handled many investigations involving overseas matters, such as financial asset searches in foreign countries and locating missing persons in the US and in other countries. Whatever your needs are, we can almost always find a way to assist you.

Newport Beach Investigations Cases

Our firm handles investigation matters for corporations, law firms, and private citizens who are in need of investigative services. For corporations, some of our most requested services include performing background checks, investigating workers’ compensation claims, fraud and abuse, e-discovery analysis, and investigations of instances of suspected employee theft.

We also provide law firms with many useful services, including canvassing, scene inspection, court research, finding witnesses and taking witness statements, process service, digital forensics, and traffic accident investigation.

Justice Solutions Group also handles cases for private citizens who are in need of investigatory services. Some of the common personal services we provide include investigating suspected infidelity, financial fraud, wrongful death, internet harassment, locating missing persons, and investigating child support and custody matters. We are often able to assist in court cases by providing evidence and testifying if necessary.

Justice Solutions Group offers a free consultation for any clients who may be interested in our services for corporations, law firms, and private citizens. Take advantage of our free consultation and contact us today to get started on learning how we can help you with all of your investigation needs.

There are several different reasons you may need to hire a private investigation firm. One such reason is that you are trying to locate a missing person.  The missing person may be a family member, or perhaps you are trying to locate someone for a business-related reason, such as trying to track them down in order to seek repayment on a loan. Regardless of your reason for trying to find someone, the investigators at Justice Solutions Group are ready to work for you to uncover the whereabouts of any missing person.

Another reason you may be needing the services of a private investigator is to have a thorough investigation done into another person’s finances. If you are going through a divorce and have reason to believe that your former spouse is hiding funds or assets, or is otherwise misrepresenting their income or assets, you may want to hire a private detective to look into this matter further. Our private investigators are experienced in this area of financial investigation and can help you ensure that you are getting the full picture of your former spouse’s financials.

These examples are just a few of the cases that Justice Solutions Group handles for our clients in Chula Vista, CA. Give us a call today to get started with your free consultation.