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If you find yourself needing the assistance of a private investigations firm, it is important to make sure that you choose the best firm for your needs. As one of the top private investigator firms inLong Beach, CA, Justice Solutions Group has everything you could need in a private investigations firm, and more.

Whether you are turning to a PI firm for your own personal needs, or whether you are seeking out an ongoing relationship with a private investigator firm in Long Beach to assist your law firm or your corporation with investigations on an as-needed basis, Justice Solutions Group is right for you. Known as one of the top PI firms in the Long Beach, CA area, Justice Solutions Group has a proven track record for success in meeting its clients’ investigation needs.

Justice Solutions Group - Premiere Long Beach Private Investigations Firm

Although Justice Solutions Group was formed just four years ago in 2015 by Josh Chandler and Tyler James, it has already developed into a top-tier private investigations firm. The fast rise to the top is a testament to the leadership skills and experience the co-founders bring to the table, as well as their carefully chosen team of private detectives. In order to protect the classified nature of their positions, it is our practice not to disclose the names and other identifying information of our investigative team to the general public.

We must be so protective of the identities of our investigation team since many of our investigators are or have been involved in various high-profile agencies in the United States. Additionally, our team of high-skilled investigators includes retired senior state and local law enforcement officers. At Justice Solutions Group, we also retain board-certified experts in various areas, such as digital and computer forensics, civil investigations, anti-terrorism strategies, and penetration testing. We only retain the best of the best in these areas, and you can be assured that each member of our team has the necessary experience and skills to provide you with the services you need.

Long Beach Investigations Cases

Our investigative team at Justice Solutions Group works hard to provide our clients with everything needed to complete our clients’ investigation needs and meet their goals. We provide many services geared specifically to each of our clients.

For example, if you are searching for a private investigations team for your business and are looking to create an ongoing client relationship, we can offer you many services, such as workers’ compensation defense and related investigations, loss prevention, background checks, employee theft investigation, fraud and abuse, and e-discovery analysis.

If you are searching for a team of investigators to work with your law firm on a regular basis, Justice Solutions Group can help you with many of your needs. We offer several services, including court research, scene inspection, taking witness statements, digital forensics, canvassing, process service, locating hard-to-find witnesses and defendants, and traffic accident investigation.

We also handle cases for many private individuals that request our private detective services for their personal needs. Some services we frequently provide for private individuals include searching for missing persons, investigating infidelity and cheating partners, internet harassment, instances of financial fraud, wrongful death investigations, and investigating child custody and child support matters.

Justice Solutions Group offers a free consultation for any clients who want to get to know our firm and the services we offer in order to decide whether we are the right PI firm for you. Contact us today to find out why we are the best private investigations firm in Long Beach.