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Orange County Private Investigators | Justice Solutions Group

Orange County Private Investigators | Justice Solutions Group

We're proud to be one of the highest rated private investigation companies in Orange County.

When you need to hire a professional private investigator, Justice Solutions Group is ready to help.

Based in Orange County, we are a veteran and retired law enforcement-owned private investigations agency with the ability to service all major metro areas of California. 

All of our agents are recruited by our personal closed network of active and retired local law enforcement officers, federal agents, and military veterans. 

Combined, our senior staff have over 50 years of investigative experience and are experts in their field when it comes to civil, criminal, family law, intelligence gathering, surveillance, and much more.

From complex business matters to family law, and the digital world, Justice has you covered.

What type of investigations do we conduct?

We know that every situation is different, so we try to tailor a solution for each of our clients that come to us with difficult issues. Some of our more common client services are below. Visit the “Services” tab on our menu for more.

Family Law - Child Custody, Divorce and Cohabitation

Cohabitation, Child Support and More

Child Custody Investigations

If you are having to deal with a child custody investigation in Orange County or a child support investigation that requires the help of a private investigator, please call our office today for a free consultation. Our highest priority is the safety of your child, and our investigators are professional, experienced, and ready to assist. Whether you are concerned there may be evidence of excessive drinking, drug use, physical violence within the home, or other types of activity that are dangerous to your child, we want to help.

There are often types of evidence that private investigators can obtain that even most attorney’s do not know about. We look for creative ways to obtain and present the facts so that you have the right evidence for your court hearing. Learn More About Child Custody Here.

We are well prepared to help with cohabitation investigations in Orange County and child support investigations in Orange County, in which a parent may be violating a court order or separation agreement. > Learn More About Cohabitation Investigations Here

Hidden Assets, Embezzlement, Fraud and Internal Investigations

Bank Account Searches and Hidden Assets

One of our top requested services are to research and find hidden bank accounts and hidden assets. Whether a client is for pre-litigation discovery or needing to find bank accounts, brokerages, property, vehicles, or vessels for a judgment, divorce, or debt collection, we can help. We have the capability of conducting not only a county-wide local asset search investigation but also national asset investigations and global searches to find assets.

Divorce: Often during a divorce we are asked by one of the attorneys of the parties to uncover hidden assets of a spouse so that they can be sure that the other sides claims are accurate. We often end up finding hidden bank accounts, brokerage accounts, and other assets. Sometimes things are found in a family member’s name to conceal income, stocks, bonds, or mutual funds. 

Judgment Recovery: We are often called regarding a former business partner, employee, friend or even a family member that has taken money, embezzled money from a business/company or stolen money outright. There is often a judgment that has been put in place. Our investigators can locate bank accounts, brokerage accounts, and much more.

Personal Debt: Often a former partner has run off with money from a bad investment deal, and we have the capability to track them down as well as their bank accounts and other financial assets.

If you or a loved one are considering an investment with someone, but are concerned that it may be a scam, please call us and let us help you make sure that it is a real investment. There are predators waiting to take your money, and we know how to spot them.

Background Check or Locate Anyone

Locate The Truth - Find People, Family Members, Debtors and People that are evading service

Our thorough background checks and asset investigations on potential business partners and investors, love interests, or prospective employees can make the difference in avoiding potential lawsuits, fraud schemes and other stressful situations that may otherwise wreak havoc on your life.

Having the right information to make the best decision possible is critical, and Justice Solutions Group has the resources to find out anything about anyone, no matter what the situation. Take it from us, don’t trust the future of your business and personal life to a website “background check” for $19.99 – Call us today to get a real, professional, government-level background that is comprehensive, thorough, and that you can trust.

Surveillance and Infidelity Investigations

Surveillance Experts - Uncover a Cheater and Find The Truth

We consider ourselves the Los Angeles private investigation surveillance experts for one simple reason: Training and experience. Our surveillance managers are former law enforcement and military operators who know how to get the job done. When it comes to surveillance, the pool is very small when talking about true masters of the craft, and true practitioners of human intelligence are few and far between. We utilize ultra long-range camera equipment, night vision, specially designed motion cameras for static use, and a number of pieces of gear we can’t talk about here (we don’t want our competition to know how we get the shot).

If you believe that your spouse or partner may be cheating on you, getting to the truth can be a difficult process. We have conducted hundreds of infidelity investigations bringing the truth to light. Through covert surveillance, decoys and other means, our investigations can uncover the information you need to make decisions about what to do next. Our investigators will share their experiences and help you every step of the way.

Having the right information to make the best decision possible is critical, and Justice Solutions Group has the resources to find out anything about anyone, no matter what the situation. Take it from us, don’t trust the future of your business and personal life to a website “background check” for $19.99 – Call us today to get a real, professional, government-level background that is comprehensive, thorough, and that you can trust.

Justice can also handle many other types of private investigations in Orange County including:

Veteran and Retired Police Owned and Operated

Justice Solutions Group is owned by Tyler James and Josh Chandler, military and law enforcement veterans with years of investigative experience in criminal and civil matters, surveillance, and intelligence.

We are proud to be certified as a veteran-owned private investigations company. Our integrity to clients and commitment to community is what continues to drive us.

Rated Five Stars by Our Clients

From the San Clemente to Newport Beach, we are proud of our reputation as the private detectives in Orange County that you can trust with your case.

We also have offices in LA County, San Diego, Ventura and the Inland Empire as well as a national and global network of investigative and intelligence professionals available 24/7.

When you need to hire a private investigator, we know that a solid reputation is the foundation of a relationship.

That’s why our clients from all over Southern California trust Justice Solutions to deliver results, and why we are consistently reviewed as one of the best private investigations firms on Yelp. We serve all over Orange County including: Irvine, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Long Beach

“I work as a paralegal for a general liability defense firm and often require the assistance of a private investigator….from witness statements to tracking down parties and evidence, Justice Solutions Group has always delivered thorough and quality jobs, even on a rush basis. ”
Susan C.

What areas within Orange County do we conduct investigations?

Our local investigators are able to cover any area of Orange County, Los Angeles, San Diego and throughout California. Whether you need a background check in Pasadena, or surveillance in Manhattan Beach, we can deliver the results you need. Our network of trusted investigators also ensures that we can handle your case anywhere in the US, or around the world.

Offices in Orange County, Los Angeles and San Diego

We have offices available in several locations in Southern California to meet with clients.

*Please note that all in-person consultations are by appointment only.* Please call us at (800) 278-9329 for a free consultation.

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