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Intellectual Property Theft and Investigations

Intellectual Property Theft and Investigations

Protecting the success and survival of a corporation means safeguarding the intellectual property (IP). Justice Solutions Group can provide a comprehensive approach to protecting against IP theft, identifying patent infringement, and “gray market” diversions.

We help entities identify threats to their IP internally and throughout the supply chain. Once the threats are identified, we develop appropriate strategies to mitigate potential risks. We also conduct investigations into suspected thefts and infringements using sophisticated investigational techniques.

Copyrights, patents, trademarks, and design rights are among the most challenging assets to protect, though the value of IP routinely ranks higher than the other physical assets of a corporation. Given that the theft or compromise of these rights can do substantial economic harm and pose risks to brand integrity, it is crucial to protect your organization from IP theft.

Justice Solutions IP Due Diligence and Risk Assessment

As technology has continued to grow at an unprecedented pace, the threat to intellectual property has grown exponentially as well. To answer the threat, Justice Solutions Group can provide an objective assessment of your IP security procedures, as well as those of your partners and suppliers.

An assessment will identify vulnerabilities and help establish more robust safety practices. Performing due diligence investigations of suppliers ensure that IP security is maintained throughout the supply chain.

IP Theft Investigations

Our experience in complex investigations utilizing digital forensics, intelligence sources, and proprietary technology enable clients to respond to any suspected IP infringement.

Investigations include:

  • Copyright and patent infringement
  • Customer data theft investigations
  • IP theft and internal investigations into IP leaks
  • Piracy and counterfeiting investigations

Investigative Methods

Investigative methods, developed through years of experience and training, include:

  • Collaboration with stakeholders to unearth critical leads
  • Surveying geographical areas for infringement on trademarks
  • Utilization of forensic expertise to search the deep and dark web to locate the source of the compromise
  • Conducting covert investigations to obtain photographic or digital evidence of infringements
  • Securing other evidence such as physical material or product samples
  • Ensuring the proper chain of custody for all evidence obtained
  • Obtaining witness testimony

Proactive Steps to Protect Intellectual Property

The American Society of Industrial Security (ASIS) and the FBI has found that over 1/3 of companies have no formal process for protecting their intellectual property. ASIS calculates the economic losses at over $150 billion per year.

Protecting IP and information assets is a crucial business issue. Technology allows information to be shared worldwide in seconds, changing the accepted best practices needed to protect intellectual property.

Justice Solutions Group can perform an IP safety audit and help establish information security controls that utilize emerging technology to protect against IP theft. We can help formulate a robust system, including ways to preserve evidence properly if theft does occur.

Security efforts often focus on protection from hackers and other outside entities, but studies show that seventy-five percent of IP thefts occur from former employees, current employees, and contractors. Internal controls are necessary to prevent IP theft from inside the corporation.

Necessary steps to establish an IP theft-prevention system include:

  1. Immediately disable passwords following the termination or resignation of an employee
  2. Inform all employees and contractors that their usage of network resources will be monitored
  3. Implement a console locking mechanism to log off unattended systems automatically
  4. Keep track of the inventory of portable computing devices and ensure no system that could contain IP goes missing
  5. Assign access based on specific job functions, and ensure that employees who do not require access to sensitive information do not have it
  6. Establish a corporate culture which prioritizes safeguarding intellectual property

Employee Background Checks

Employee background checks are an essential tool in your arsenal to protect against IP theft. Employee and vendor background screenings can dramatically reduce the likelihood of IP theft by revealing a history of unethical or criminal behavior or fraud in a candidate’s past. Background checks for all employees are standard practice for due diligence, minimizes the risks to the workforce, and serves to protect physical and intellectual assets.

Actions if IP Theft Occurs

Book a consult or give us a call at 800.278.9329 - we're looking forward to talking with you about how we can help.

Proactive steps to protect intellectual property are crucial, but not fail-proof. Responding quickly and efficiently to an IP theft reduces the chance of serious economic harm. Contact Justice Solutions Group at the first suspicion of IP theft.

Our investigators are highly-trained, skilled professionals with years of experience tracking down the source of an intellectual property theft. We utilize computer forensics, litigation support expertise, and exemplary chain of custody evidence gathering to respond to a potential theft rapidly. Justice Solutions Group carefully balances investigative requirements with legal and evidentiary needs to make sure we not only track the theft to its source but provide actionable information for legal remedies.

Justice Solutions Group is one of the top investigative firms in the United States. We are commited to providing stellar investigative services with discretion and integrity.


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