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Unfortunately, infidelity cases are on the rise, and we recognize that calling a private investigator is often the last recourse many have to bring information to light that will help provide closure to a nagging suspicion.

We empathize with the need for this type of investigation, as it is a very personal and difficult position for anyone to be in. We also however recognize the need for it, as often having concrete evidence can provide a platform by which couples can begin the road to recovery, or determine a difference course, such as separation or divorce.

Justice Solutions Group stands ready to provide premium investigative services in the area of infidelity. From covert surveillance of a current spouse or romantic partner, to background investigations, our team is here to help.

Do you have suspicion that your spouse or partner is cheating on you or has cheated in the past?
Unfortunately from our years of experience in these matters, the overwhelming majority of cases have confirmed the suspicion of a suspecting partner.

We are experts in surveillance and backgrounds investigations, and have assisted with numerous cases of infidelity, including pre-divorce investigation and obtaining evidence during divorce proceedings. We work diligently to get clear photographic or video evidence of any suspected impropriety, and work closely with our clients to ensure that the investigation is well prepared and efficient.

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A successful outcome of our investigations often looks like this:

  • Justice Solutions Group agents were retained in a high-profile divorce case where one of the parties was accused of infidelity, but vehemently denied it in deposition. Evidence was obtained late at night of the subject exiting their residence and accompanying someone to a club in Los Angeles, where they were covertly videotaped in conduct that identified clearly that the subject was more than “just friends”, resulting in a favorable outcome for the client.


We have hundreds of examples just like that one, where we were able to get the evidence quickly so that a resolution could be reached.

Unlike many “We’ll Catch a Cheater!” websites of other investigators, we choose to not glorify or this portion of our practice. We will simply say however, that when you need to call us, we will be there to walk you through the process, bring all of our experience and resources to bear in your case, and remain a steady partner, regardless of the outcome.

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Ready to speak with an Investigator about your case?

We offer free consultations on any matter. Please use our contact form or call us to discuss your case.