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Government Investigations


Government entities at a local, state and federal level often need investigative services for a variety of reasons. Often, a private investigative agency is needed to establish that an objective investigation was conducted to resolve an issue without bias.

Some agencies use private investigation firms because they lack the technical skills or resources to conduct such an investigation. From background checks to computer forensics, Justice Solutions Group handles investigations for numerous government agencies.

Types of Government Investigations JSG Handles

At Justice Solutions Group (JSG), we utilize the most current investigative technology combined with human experience and skill to provide actionable information customized to each clients’ needs. Our services include:

  • Computer and phone forensics
  • Fraud investigations
  • Background checks
  • Embezzlement investigations
  • Employee, vendor, customer, and contractor due diligence investigations
  • Surveillance
  • Litigation support

Our team of seasoned investigators uses technology but knows it cannot replace the human element in any investigation. JSG has an extensive global network of contacts, allowing us to operate across the globe. We understand the importance of acting within the law, including international treaties and laws, to find the actionable information our clients need.

What we Offer

JSG's Intelligence Analysis

Bad actors evolve quickly and leverage some of the world’s best technology to find and exploit vulnerabilities. JSG’s investigative team is skilled at compiling reports that deliver a comprehensive analysis of all relevant information uncovered over the course of the investigation.

Our analysts have real-world experience gained as former law enforcement, military, and security sector veterans. They are used to working on the front lines and can deliver insights based on experience and training. We use AI-enhanced technology to scan information sources around the globe. Our team then reviews the information and creates an actionable report that addresses each threat in digestible reports that give clients the power to determine what actions are needed.

Personnel Vetting

With public safety or even national security at stake, JSG knows the importance of thoroughly vetting personnel beyond a standard background check. Our team of experienced investigators can provide an exhaustive report about the history of an individual. There are risks associated with each onboarding or partnership, and we provide you the information to make confident decisions.

JSG’s investigators identify and risk ranking the information, helping to speed up government agencies’ vetting process. We can also help establish a system of continuous evaluation to monitor risk factors, allowing them to be brought to the appropriate attention in a timely manner.

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