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High Net Worth and Celebrity Clients

High Net Worth and Celebrity Private Investigations

Justice Solutions Group realizes that high-net-worth individuals and celebrities face challenges in remaining safe from invasions of privacy, stalking, harassment, and other threats. Our special investigations unit (SIU) is trained on operating with the utmost discretion while investigating potential threats or risks.

Our Solutions

Privacy Protection

Justice Solutions Group (JSG) is a trusted name among celebrities and high-net-worth individuals. We have built a reputation for discretion while utilizing a comprehensive set of tools to protect your privacy in all areas of your life. Our investigators follow procedures that are designed to protect your privacy.
JSG can devise a privacy protection plan to protect you and your family from those who pose a threat to your reputation. We have a comprehensive set of tools tailored to privacy protection, including secure channels for communication, prevention and investigation of identity theft, and tracking the source of leaked information.

Background Checks

JSG utilizes sophisticated and highly accurate background check capabilities because we understand the necessity of screening those with access to your home, business, information, or person. Our background checks differ from those of other agencies because they are customized to meet the individual needs of each client.

A criminal records search is not as simple as typing a name into a database. Most criminal records are kept at a state or county level and require an in-person visit to investigate specific areas of interest. We know the importance of a thorough criminal background check on:

  • Household staff
  • Assessments of potential security threats
  • Current and prospective employees

Background checks also include confirming references and validating credentials. Employers often fail to run comprehensive background checks that validate claims made by potential employees. This allows dishonesty to flourish, and it is common for applicants to be less than honest or exaggerate their credentials on resumes and in interviews.

A person’s credit history is an overlooked source of valuable information. A history of disputes, unpaid bills, or other signs of financial mismanagement are indicators of risk factors. However, it takes an experienced investigative firm to verify the information and include supplemental information that adds context to a credit report.

Ongoing monitoring is also crucial. Comprehensive background checks cannot account for future developments in an individual’s life. Circumstances can change the risk profile of any individual. JSG can help develop a system for ongoing monitoring that suits the needs of each client.

Managing Critical Incident PR

Responding quickly to critical incidents is crucial to guiding the narrative about life events. Celebrities and other high-profile individuals cannot avoid the public eye, and negative PR can damage your brand and reputation. Whether it is a drunk driving charge, an altercation, or some other incident, you need a trusted team to respond quickly.

Ideally, a response team will be in place before a crisis arises. If not, you want to appoint a response team immediately when a controversy arises. JSG can respond quickly and appropriately to help manage and thoroughly investigate the incident.

Contact JSG to Find Out How We Can Help

Justice Solutions Group is here to help with difficult life issues. Our skilled team of professionals can identify threats and help determine the best response to protect you, your family, and your reputation. Some of the issues we frequently encounter include:

  • Stalkers and other unwanted visitors
  • Security and risk assessments
  • Vetting of close associates
  • Family matters
  • Social media and issues impacting your reputation

Contact JSG for a consultation about how we can serve your investigative need. Discretion, efficiency, and respect for our clients are paramount in conducting investigations and devising an adequate response to any threat.

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