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What You Need To Know About Asset Investigations

Asset Search Overview


Our Special Investigation Unit (SIU) has unique access to real-time intelligence for locating bank accounts, investment accounts, CD’s, safe deposit boxes, and cryptocurrency including Bitcoin, Ethereum, and others in the United States, Canada, and around the world. A thorough asset investigation is possible for your case, and is fully legal based on the following circumstances, covered by the GLBA (Graham Leach Bliley Act) and FCRA (Fair Credit Reporting Act):


Experience you can trust

Justice Solutions Group Is A Private Investigation Firm With Specific Access To Obtain Detailed Asset Searches That Go Beyond The Easy-to-find Information To Reveal Hidden Assets In Connection With Judgment Recovery Or Civil Litigation.

We perform bank account searches, brokerage searches, and other financial workups to reveal information that is not ordinarily available to the public.

We have a network of certified fraud investigators and forensic specialists that can assist companies and law firms of any size with fraud or embezzlement investigations. Our reputation relies on the results we have obtained for our clients. When you work with us, you can be assured you are working with a skilled private investigations team that you can contact at any time.

Justice Solutions Group is different from other online asset search companies.

Unlike most “investigators”, which are nameless marketing companies pretending to have search capabilities, we have legal, real-time access to financial intelligence via the SWIFT and ACH networks, institutions using the Blockchain (including the ability to trace Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana, etc.), and we never “pretext” (call pretending to be the customer – which is illegal).

There are a many websites designed to convince you to purchase their asset searches without a consultation, with pricing that ranges from a hundred dollars to several thousands of dollars, for information that seems virtually the same. We are not one of those companies.

What you get from those companies is often barely more than what you could find with a little internet digging. There is no real assurance that a true asset search is being conducted by experienced asset recovery specialists, or a company with real access to banking networks in order to identify accounts or databases that will have current, accurate information. There is no substitution for a legitimate, licensed firm with decades of experience. Whether it is a small judgment recovery bank search, to a multi-layered asset search requiring the unwinding of complicated legal structures, we are capable of providing results in either case. Not only that, but our results will be accurate as well as competitively & appropriately priced for your type of case, scope, and size of the project.

When you call justice solutions group for a consultation, you will quickly realize that you are talking to experts who understand asset investigations, and that we are not interested in making a “quick buck” selling you things that you do not need.

Justice Solutions Group is a real investigative and intelligence agency staffed by real private investigators. We have dozens of positive reviews on Yelp and Google, written by real clients who are satisfied with the service we provide. Our agents have decades of experience in forensic investigation, and we work with some of the largest law firms and companies in the U.S.

We also work with attorneys that can help you with your asset recovery. We provide referrals on a case-by-case basis, and understand the strict scrutiny that legal asset searches must withstand to be viable. Whether you need a simple bank search to levy an account or you have a complicated judgment that will require that we unwind multiple shell corporations and offshore legal structures, we can help. When you decide to work with our investigation firm, you have the assurance that our investigative practices are legal, and all documentation will be provided in a final report that you can trust is solid, actionable intelligence.

Types of Assets Searches we Conduct


You can count on an accurate reporting of all assets and an overall picture of any business or person’s financial condition.

  • Bank accounts with balances – U.S. and Canada—All U.S. bank searches are national searches
  • Stocks and Bonds – Brokerages and Investments
  • 401K’s – With balances when available
  • Employment income
  • Retirement income
  • Corporate and business partnerships
  • Real estate titles – With approximate values based on recent market trends
  • Royalties
  • Automobiles, boats, and aircraft – Full reverse-DMV searches
  • Intellectual property – Patent, trademarks, and other sources of I.P. identification
  • Business ownership
  • Employment history
  • Family members and spouses – Including possible transfers of ownership and other attempts to hide or disguise assets
  • Hard inventory of a business or other assets
  • Much more – Call us for more information

We obtain our information from unique technology, proprietary sources, select fully-vetted databases, public records, and data from other intel. Each report is written by a member of the SUI to ensure that the information it contains is valid and actionable. We strive to provide factual data that helps you plan the appropriate action.


Law Office & Corporate Clients

You can view all of our pricing and services in detail in our client portal, OnTrial. There's no credit card required to register and no monthly fees, just clear, transparent pricing. Register for Free Want to know more? Click here to learn about OnTrial.

Private Clients

Please contact us to schedule a free consultation where we can discuss your case, answer any questions and provide you with an accurate quote. Not all cases are the same, and we will take the time to help you determine what kind of search is right for your case.

Please use our contact form or call us at (800) 278-9329 to speak with an investigator that can give you a quote based on the type of asset search you need. 90% of the asset search cases we conduct fall into one of our asset search packages, and we ensure that all searches are done in compliance with federal FCRA and GLBA regulations.

Bank And Brokerage Search Flat-rate Pricing

Pricing that is per-search, per-subject. These can be purchased on a per-search basis, for a flat rate, regardless of the number of accounts reported or their status as open or closed. There are no hidden charges, such as “report fees” or “research time.” To conduct these searches, we may need to identify a Social Security Number (SSN), Federal Employment Verification Number (FEIN), or other details to conduct the search. We can find this information for an additional small fee if you cannot provide the number.

Asset Search Package Pricing

Whether you are conducting a basic/cursory asset search or need to go in-depth on a subject that may have additional hidden assets, we have a range of packages to fit our clients’s needs.

Multi-subject / Complicated Searches Requiring Due Diligence

We often receive special requests for asset searches outside our package or flat rate pricing. These requests may require us to identify assets for multiple subjects or entities in several states, or foreign countries, conduct surveillance to determine physical assets or other specialized investigation solutions. Please contact us so that we can discuss the case in detail and put together a comprehensive solution.

No-obligation Consultation

For pricing information and a free, no-obligation quote for a search, please call us at (800) 278-9329 or use our contact form  to describe your case so that we can conduct a review and provide you with an accurate quote. Asset searches are completely legal – but we must verify all requests from private parties before engaging. Consultations and quotes are always free, and there is never an obligation to engage our firm when requesting a consultation. We’ll answer any and all questions related to your matter and are happy to provide as much experience as possible that may help you, whether you engage our firm or not!

Benefits Of Hiring Experienced Asset Investigators

The experienced asset investigators at justice solutions group know where and how to look for Hidden assets.

Our team of experts does so much more than just a records search. Proper asset investigation takes time and careful documentation. Our Asset investigations have been utilized in high-profile cases and lower court cases alike and withstand the scrutiny of the courts.

F.A.Q's About Asset Searches

How does the judgment collection process work? Does Justice Solutions Group do asset recovery and judgment recovery?

We do not conduct asset recovery or judgment collection for individuals, nor do we “buy” judgments. We are only in the business of identifying assets for recovery. It is often easier than people realize to collect civil judgments. Our team of professionals will be happy to point you in the right direction for tactics to recover judgments.

For corporate and legal clients, we can assist with recovery, depending on the amount owed. Each legal case has different standards for due diligence reporting, so speak with your SUI team member about the needs specific to your case.

How long does it typically take to complete a search?

Searches typically take between 7-10 days. We can sometimes complete the search faster, depending on the nature of the case. For difficult subjects or special cases, the average is 14 days. Searches can be expedited for an additional fee.

Will the subject be notified that I am searching for their accounts?

No, the other party will not receive any notice that is a search is being conducted. Our searches are done discreetly and covertly. For more information about how we conduct our searches, please watch the video below.

What are the most common reasons clients conduct asset/bank account searches?

The most common reason to obtain bank account or brokerage account information (liquid assets) is so that a civil judgment or child support judgment can be enforced by a levy. Clients also perform searches to:

  • Identify property to place a lien against to satisfy a judgment
  • Aid in determining whether or not to proceed with a lawsuit
  • Identifying all non-exempt assets that can be used to satisfy a judgment such as vehicles, watercraft, aircraft, etc.
  • Identifying and confirming all assets in a divorce or a bankruptcy
  • Identifying and establishing admissible evidence that can later be used in a fraudulent action suit

Is doing a bank account or other type of financial search legal?

Yes. There are laws that allow for the legal discovery of assets in the United States. Financial asset searches are covered by a set of federal laws known as the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA) and the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA).

The following purposes allow an asset search under those laws:

  • Legal/litigation purposes
  • Debt collection and judgment recovery
  • Fraud prevention or detection
  • Insurance

What are some of the ways that people hide assets?

Individuals and companies can hide assets in various ways. They often attempt to do this to avoid the chance of losing their assets in a court-ordered judgment, to evade federal or state taxes, or during a divorce proceeding where the assets declared by each party is determining property and spousal support.

Attempts to hide assets can result in creating off-shore or “shell” companies in small island nations. People attempt to hide assets by transfers of real estate, titles, boats, R.V., and aircraft titles to family members. Justice Solution Group’s asset investigation methodology uncovers these attempts to transfer property, establishing evidence that can later be used in a fraudulent transfer action.

Some of the most common ways individuals and small businesses hide money include:

  • Opening an LLC/C-Corp, then closing it, but keeping the bank account open. (Banks rarely ask for verification that the business is still operational).
  • Opening a business banking account as a DBA, instead of a personal checking account.
  • Running checks and other deposits through a family member, who in turn gives the person cash or wires them the money.
  • Opening shell companies to accept payments and then paying for personal expenses out of that account (co-mingling funds).
  • Using pre-paid debit cards as a bank, where they can receive funds and use the card like any traditional bank card.
  • Opening a business and claiming a loss every year until they close the business. They then repeat the cycle by starting another business.
  • Opening a small business and running two sets of books, where not all cash is reported.

Changes in a company structure can also hide assets. Most corporations require a thorough investigation to see if recent principal changes or board member changes occurred during the requested time period. These changes are often carefully constructed camouflage to transfer assets.

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