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Josh Chandler

Co-Founder, Managing Partner


“Equality before the law dictates that all people deserve to be protected under the freedom that equality guarantees, and those that administer the law should be held to the highest standards, as they carry the gravest of responsibilities in service to the Republic.”

With over twenty years of experience in law enforcement, investigation and executive security and program development, Mr. Chandler is regarded as one of the leading experts in the risk management industry.

Beginning his career education in business, Mr. Chandler spent several years in the wireless industry before changing his career path to law enforcement, where he worked with the US Navy and US Marine Corps at the Department of Defense. He then transitioned back to the private sector, where he spent another decade in security management and executive protection, ultimately co-founding Justice Solutions Group in 2015 with his brother, Tyler.

As one of the leading “go-to” professionals that top attorneys, executives and capital managers can rely on when dealing with a critical case or situation, Mr. Chandler manages JSG’s most high-profile clients and cases that require salience and creative experience.

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