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When you engage our firm, you can be confident that you are engaging one of the top investigative firms in the US. The combined investigative experience from various agencies represented by our investigators and partners includes among many others, FBI, NCIS, DOD, HSI, LAPD, as well as the Los Angeles, San Diego, and San Bernardino County Sheriff's Offices.

Since 2015 we have investigated hundres of cases cases ranging from fraud, embezzlement, and organized retail crime to child abduction, elder abuse and child endangerment. Our commitment to results and putting our clients' needs first continue to guide our company's vision, and we look forward to serving you and your firm with the same clarity. 




CEO & Co-Founder

Josh Chandler serves as the director of operations for Justice. He is a former Federal Law Enforcement Officer with the Department of Defense with over fifteen years of experience in criminal and civil investigations, executive security, counterintelligence, close protection and covert surveillance. He has led the security and risk management programs of several world-class properties including The Grove in Los Angeles, as well as provided close protection security to dozens of Fortune 100 business executives, celebrity entertainers, foreign diplomats and their families for over a decade.His investigative expertise includes complex criminal and civil liability cases involving, assault and battery, burglary, personal injury, accidental death and catastrophic/mass injury. He also works with corporate entities in defending AOE/COE claims, investigating internal and external theft as well as detecting fraud and uncovering corporate espionage. In family law he has worked hundreds of cases involving child custody investigations and support.

He is a noted expert in executive protection, residential security program development, and the development of liability prevention & property risk management programs. He is also a Licensed EMT, Certified HazMat Specialist and Rescue Diver.



Chief Investigator

Tyler James serves as chief investigator and qualified manager of Justice, managing the majority of it's surveillance operations and undercover investigations, supervising the personal protection details, and overseeing all maritime investigations and security consulting.

His experience both in law enforcement and civil investigations is extensive and creativity in surveillance is unsurpassed. Mr. James is a decorated U.S. Navy veteran where he attained the rank of Petty Officer 2nd Class and the Chief Master at Arms aboard his command. His position within the Navy allowed him to gain extensive experience in law enforcement, investigations, and counter-terrorism. While assigned to Combined Task Force 151/152, he participated in maritime drug trafficking and counter-proliferation missions in support of Operation Enduring Freedom.




Field Investigations

Mrs. Duran has over 20 years of experience as a licensed investigator and has worked on numerous high-profile defense cases in Hollywood, and has testified dozens of times in superior and federal court on matter relating from child custody to fraud and embezzlement. She is also a Certified Missing Persons and Human Trafficking Investigator that has worked closely with the United Nations and FBI recovering exploited women and children both in the US and abroad. Ms. Duran supervises the Field Investigations Unit of Justice, providing oversight to all surveillance operations, child custody investigations, and family law matters.
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With over fifteen years of experience in miltary service, law enforcement and investigations, we formed Justice Solutions group in 2015, dedicating ourselves to providing a new standard of professional service in the investigations industry.

Fast-forward to five years later of success for our clients, Justice Solutions Group is growing faster than ever with the additionof global investigation capabilites and the imminent launch of our on-demand Investigations system OnTrial, syncing with Clio the leading cloud practice management system for attorneys.

With a near perfect balance of experience, Justice Solutions Group represents the best of what successful business forged by hard work, brotherhood, and a commitment to the community and providing excellence for their clients can be. We look forward to working with you.

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Fraud & Embezzlement

Fraud, embezzlement and elaborate ponzi-schemes or pyramid schemes are on the rise and among the most common cases that we receive. Whether it is an business partner, employee, acquaintance or even a family member that has taken money from you or your firm in a bad investment deal, not paid back a personal loan, or has up and vanished with your money Justice Solutions Group can help.

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Asset Searches

Our thorough background checks and asset investigations on potential business partners and investors, love interests, or prospective employees can make the difference in avoiding unecessary situations. Having the right information to make the best decision possible is critical, and Justice Solutions Group has the resources to uncover criminal, civil and asset information where others can't.

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M&A/Due Diligence

Whether in preparation for a merger, or in aquisition of another company, we can provide the due diligence to verify assets, licenses, holdings, partners and other key and critical details that are important to making the best decision possible. We have agents and intelligence capabilities not only in the US, but around the globe, and are ready to help with with any matter requiring thorough, research and discretion.

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Corporate Intelligence

If you are dealing with a custody situation or a child support situation that requires investigation, please call us for a free evaluation of your case. There are ways of obtaining evidence and different types of evidence that good investigators can obtain that often your attorney may not be aware of. We want to make sure that you have all of the options so that you can be prepared for court.

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We are licensed in California and have offices in LA/Orange County, San Diego, Ventura, and Riverside. Whether you need surveillance in Santa Barbara or a background check in Temecula, we have you covered.
We also have agents working for our firm throughout California, so that even on short notice, we're ready to go. Our national and global network of trusted partners also ensures that we can conduct investigations anywhere, anytime, on a variety of matters.

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