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About Justice Solutions Group

We believe in equality, dedication, hard work, the rule of law, and a commitment to ethical excellence -

In our craft, our business practices, and our daily lives. When you engage our firm, you can be confident that you are engaging one of the top investigative firms in the US, with local knowledge and critical support in every major metro, as well as global reach through our integrated partners.

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We have handled thousands of civil and criminal cases ranging from theft, fraud, embezzlement and organized retail crime, to corporate espionage, robbery, burglary, homicide, and child abduction.

We are the go-to intelligence providers of hundreds of law firms, capital managers and executives for litigation support, investment due diligence, background checks, asset searches, financial KYC and risk management.

Every day we approach our days with gratitude for our clients, providing the most accurate and actionable results possible, and putting our clients’ needs first, always. These are the three pillars of our day-to-day operational vision, and we look forward to serving you and your team with the same clarity.

a History of Justice

Co-founders Josh and Tyler met through the Big Brothers Big Sisters foundation, when Josh became Tyler’s “Big Brother”. After over a decade of of experience in military service, law enforcement, executive and corporate security they formed Justice Solutions Group, dedicated to providing a new standard of service in the investigations and risk management industry.
JSG has now successfully serviced thousands of clients all over world, with partners and colleagues from across the spectrum of law enforcement, intelligence, and the military. They are proud to continue leading the industry by developing new investigative technology solutions and strategies for a rapidly changing risk environment.

JSG represents the best of what hard work, family values, and a commitment to clients and the community can become.

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JSG Leadership


Josh Chandler

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Tyler James

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Christina Duran

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The JSG Future Mentors Scholarship

2020 Scholarship Winner, Maya Srinivasan

Celebrating Our Fourth Anniversary Of Offering The Justice Solutions Group ‘Future Mentors’ Scholarship

Which seeks to reward not only an outstanding academic student, but also one that embraces our ethos of serving their community, and being a mentor to others. 

Our 2020 selectee, Maya Srinivasan was not only an incredible academic student but was already a mentor and future leader at a very young age. She embodied the spirit of the scholarship and we were honored to award her $1,500 to help with her first year at USC.

It’s young women like Maya who we are proud to sponsor as part of our ongoing commitment to creating a more fair, equitable, and just world. We believe that service to others is a calling that all of us have, in one form or another, and JSG is committed to supporting our community in every way we can.

You can read more about Maya, the scholarship, and submission requirements for our scholarship, here.

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